Choose the code you were given. If you have no code choose none.

blue3  brown9  orange8  orange11  green1  blue10   red10   green2   black8   none  Your code is:

Treasure Hunt. You see a map with different colored dots. Each dot represents a clue which may or may not lead to the treasure. Choose a dot: a question and answers will appear. Only one anwer is correct. Choose the answer that you think is correct. Choose clues. This is tricky. Some of the questions are difficult and you are allowed to get help. At the end of each 4 questions you will get a code (this is because the game cannot be saved, but with the code you can continue to the next set without repeating). At the end you will get a final code. Not all codes are correct. If you have wrong answers, the code will also be wrong. You can always start over until you find the right answers. Don't give up.
To start choose either Luise's clues or Julius' clues